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Volunteer Resources
(updated 9.19.16)

Volunteer Training Requirement!
All volunteers working with students in the school or on field trips must read an overview of MD State Law and HCPSS Policy 103 regarding Child Abuse and Neglect.  To fulfill the Child Abuse and Neglect Training and Confidentiality Training Course requirement for 
volunteers, please go to:


  1. How to reserve a space for an event
  2. How to publicize an event or meeting
  3. How to get copies made
  4. How to get information to teachers/staff
  5. How to send home notices/fliers with students
  6. How to get custodial support for an event
  7. Where to find response forms from a flier you distributed
  8. How to get reimbursed for an expense
  9. How to bring up a new idea or topic at a PTA meeting
  10. Create a volunteer/donation sign-up sheet that is easy to use for everyone
  11. Where to check in when you volunteer
  12. PTA and Staff Mailboxes
  13. PTA Volunteer Room
  14. Lunch Hall Monitor Duties
  15. Federal Tax ID # for MVMS PTA

1. How to reserve space for an event
Before booking any events, first check with Mary Anne Emery (maryanne_emery, Principal's Secretary,  to make sure the space is available.  

Apply online.  Go to:    My Account -> Log In (Contact PTA President for login information.)

Please note the deadlines for submitting the Application for Use of School Facilities:
Activity Period   -   Deadline For Submission
Fall (Sept 1 - Dec 31)   -   June 1
Winter (Jan 1 - Mar 31   -   October 1
Spring (Apr 1 - Jun 30)   -   January 1
Summer (July 1 - Aug 31)   -    April 1
Fall (Sept 1 - Dec 1)   -   June 1
Spring/Summer (Mar 1 - Aug 31)   -   January 1

If your board chooses to have another person to sign in to this system and complete the requests, be sure that the PTA President is cc'd on these requests.   The user name and password is stored in the PTA President notebook.      
The PTA President must sign all contracts with anyone that does business with PTA.

2. How to publicize an event or meeting  
To publicize an event or meeting, consider using the following:  

VIEW POINT - (Weekly News) You may send information to Jane Antico ( and Teachers' Secretary, and she will forward it out to everyone within the school that subscribes to HCPSS News. cc Mary Anne Emery at  Deadline: Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m.

In an effort to NOT send out eNews daily, the school tries to stick to Wednesdays and Fridays.   If you have an important and/or a time sensitive announcement, please send it to Mary Anne Emery at and she will do her best to get it sent out to our school community via EMAIL.
EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS should be kept short (if possible) and highlight the most important information. 
Make sure your EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT(s) includes:

  • brief explanation of event (bulleted info. works well if event holds a lot of information)
  • start and end dates (if applicable)
  • contact person with an email address (and/or phone number)

Example format of an email announcement (also good for PTA website):
Coat Drive - PTA Sponsored
Helping families in Howard County!
Collection Starts: Monday, October 8th
Collection Ends: Friday, October 26th
Collecting New or gently used: COATS - HATS - SCARVES - GLOVES  (ALL SIZES)
Please make sure that your donations are clean, ready to wear, with no repairs, or items in pockets.
Collection Bin is located on the bench in the front lobby
Questions? Contact Name at email address

PTA WEBSITEEmail Theresa Yodzis at  PTA Website address:
Mary Anne Emery at
TV's are located in every classroom and students will read the announcements that is submitted to them.  However, YOU may also read your announcement. To place a submission for MVTV – go to the school website and it can be found on the School Resources ( page. 
FLIERS VIA BACKPACKS - If sending home a flier, it is also recommended to send an email to parents letting them know a flier is coming home on that certain day so they know to look for it when their child returns from school.
POSTERS  - Posters may be dropped off at the Main Office for approval and hanging.  Be prepared that you may be asked to hang the posters yourself.
DISPLAY CASE - located in hallway across from the front office and next to the staff lounge entrance.  Please check with front office for entrance into the case. Please send an email to all committee chairs to see if it can be used in hopes to avoid overlapping needs.
MARQUEE  - The marquee is located on the corner of Rte. 99 and Woodford Drive.  Important announcements can also get posted on this sign if not already being utilized by the school.  Please contact Jane Antico ( if you want to post a date on the marquee.
MRS. HESS If available, Mrs. Hess can make announcements during the lunch shifts.  Please send her an email at no later than 10:00 the day of the announcement.  If possible, please send email the day before.
PTA MEETINGS - click here for a list of PTA Meeting Dates

*When planning your publicity, make sure to allow time for meeting deadlines and printing lead time. 

3. How to get copies made
All correspondences being sent out to the general population at MVMS, including fliers, must be approved by school administration.  Please forward your document(s) to  
Mary Anne Emery at for approval.  Whenever possible, email your original document (not a scanned document).

1) You may use the copier in the teacher’s workroom.  In order to use this copier, you must contact 
Jane Antico (   Please remember to be mindful of the teachers/staff while making copies, they get priority use of the copier.  Copies can be made between 12:00 - 3:30.  
2) Larger print jobs can be completed the HCPSS Print Shop located on Rte. 108 next to the school board.  You can email your original, unscanned documents to Mary Anne Emery at  Please plan for a turn around time of 10 business days.

4. How to get information to teachers/staff
If you ever need to send information out to the staff only, please send an email to
 Jane Antico (

5. How to send home notices/fliers with students
Please try to utilize the View Point, the PTA website or the HCPSS News as much as possible before opting for copies.
All correspondence to be sent home via backpacks must be approved by school administration
.  Information needed for all fliers and other forms of publicity for your event should include the following information and follow these guidelines:

  • Name of event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Fee (if applicable)
  • Due date for your fee (if applicable)
  • Contact person with phone number and e-mail (on top portion and return portion of page)
  • When you're ready to distribute the copies, you need to batch them before putting them in the mailboxes. Please indicate if the forms are to go out to every student or just Youngest and Only.
  • Number of copies needed for each teacher as well as family/student numbers can be obtained from Jane Antico (
  • Put a small note on your batches instructing teachers when to send them home and if an extra copy is included for their records.  
  • If you have any extra copies, please put them in the front office.  Mrs. Antico can help direct you to where they are kept.

A cut and paste from PTA Council Howard County*:

...As many of you know, we have a diversity of types of families in Howard County and our schools. Besides single-parent families, many of our children live in multigenerational families, blended families, and families where parents are of the same gender. Please be sure that your local PTA materials reflect and allow for that. Rather than saying "father-mother" only on items like membership and volunteer sign up forms, please use "Parent/Guardian 1" and "Parent/Guardian 2". This enables all families to feel that they are welcomed and respected by PTAs. It also gives you more accurate information on who's helping the child(ren) grow. Remember, one of our slogans in PTA is "every child counts." This extends to her/his family too.

6. How to request custodial support for an event
Fill out a form requesting any items you made need from the custodial staff such as extra trash cans, chairs, etc.  Meet with Shirley Prather, Day Supervisor, or Linda Barnard, Night Supervisor.

7.  Where to find response forms from a flier you distributed
If you send home a flier that requires a written response, you will find in the mail room.  Inside the PTA Mailbox is a hanging file box.  Inside that box are several labeled folders.  That is the designated location for the returned responses.  

8. How to get reimbursed for an expense or submit money
Please take a moment to review the PTA Budget (can be found under PTA Forms and Fliers)
Please contact the Treasurer to make sure that any additional expense is authorized.  
Click below for:

You MUST use these forms if requesting money and/or turning in money!
Submit check requests/money submissions into the PTA Box which is located in the front office mailroom.
Please email or call the Treasurer and let him or her know that you made a submission.  If you are submitting a large amount of cash, please make arrangements to deliver that money in person.

9. How to bring up a new idea or topic at a PTA meeting
New ideas are important!  Please let your PTA president or any executive board member know if you have a new idea or something you want to discuss.  They can help you decide the best way to introduce it and can put it on the PTA Agenda.  Letting the PTA president know ahead of time will help secure a time on the agenda for discussion.  However, you can also bring it up at the "new business" portion of the PTA meeting.

10. Create a volunteer/donation sign-up sheet that is easy to use for everyone
Resources like Volunteer Spot and Google Spreadsheets make signing up for donations and volunteer slots easy for everyone involved.  Also, Doodle is another online tool that can help you schedule an event.  Putting in a few minutes ahead of time to learn these tools can potentially save you time in the long run.  

11. Where to check in when you volunteer
Please remember to check in at the front office whenever you enter the building.  Sign in through LobbyGuard with your driver's license.

12. PTA and Staff Mailboxes
All mailboxes are located in the copy room next to the Main Office.  PTA has its own box t the very bottom.  Look in the PTA mailbox for anything that may pertain to your committee.

13. PTA Volunteer Room
This room houses PTA items and is located across the hall from the Gymnasium.  The key to the door is located in the mailbox that is to the RIGHT of the PTA mailbox (on a hook attached to the inside of the mailbox).  Please remember to return the key.

14. Lunch Hall Monitor duties:

Click HERE or to sign-up go to:
Please direct all questions to the Volunteer Coordinator,  Lynda Robey at or

15. Federal Tax ID # for MVMS PTA
Fed Tax ID #52-1826352

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