Mount View Middle School

Nominating Committee Notebook

Brief Description:

It is the responsibility of the nominating committee to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected
leadership of the PTA.  The members of the committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future 
of the PTA and should themselves be carefully elected.  The nominating committee members need a broad
acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the organization’s functions and its purpose. 
here for Quick Tips about PTA Nominating Committees from MD PTA.
Click here for the Election Tip Sheet.
Click here for How to Conduct an Election.

Calendar at a Glance:

August - Hold a committee chair intro meeting (or in September) with PTA President

September -

October - 

November - 

December - 

January - Recruit a Nominating Committee (preferably before 6th Grade Orientation)

February - Nominating Committee should be established (preferably before 6th Grade Orientation) and have a planning meeting

March - Determine which committee chairs will be returning for the following school year.  Seek volunteers to fill open committee chair and executive board positions.

April -  Continue to seek volunteers to fill open committee chair and executive board positions

May -  General Election Meeting (Spring Band Concert which takes place at MRHS auditorium) usually in May - submit new executive board contact information to PTACHC

June - 

Forms We Use:

Committee Chair Spreadsheet - interactive spreadsheet to update committee chair status
PTA Committee Descriptions

Helpful Hints:

Previous Chair(s):

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