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Lunch Hall Monitors

(updated 9.6.17)


Click HERE for the Sign-Up Genius.

Simply check the box next to the shift and date that you want.
**  If you don’t already have a Sign-up Genius account it is simple to set up. **

**  Please do not take every single "Monday first shift" (for example) for the whole 3 months.  It may be that someone else can only come on that day/time and if you have taken them all that parent won't be able to come in at all.  I recommend filling in maybe every other week for the time that you want and as the date gets closer and you see it's still empty, then fill in. **
**  If you really want a particular slot and it's already filled, contact the person in that slot and see if they mind switching. **

If you know more than a week in advance, just remove your name from the sign-up.  Someone will probably fill it in, and if not I'll have time to ask the others.
If you are cancelling for the current week or day, please send an email out to all the lunch monitors asking for a replacement.   Do not just email the volunteer coordinator.  She/He might not see it before the shift starts.
If it's last minute and you cannot make your volunteer shift, please email or call Mrs. Hess  or Mrs. Antico by 10:00amso they know that there will be no monitor out in the hall during lunch - or 410-313-5545.

The sign-up sheet has slots for about 3 months at a time.  
Times for half days have been adjusted to reflect the altered schedule.
If something of significance is happening, like 6th grade ODE, shifts will be altered accordingly.   (I assume the 6th graders will not be there, so we won't need a lunch monitor for that shift and will make changes once this is confirmed.)

On half days, the lunch shifts are earlier and more condensed:  10-11:25, 
so maybe only one person would come for all shifts.
If school is 2 hours late (snow!), they shift lunches also:  10:20-12:05.

Volunteer Training Requirement!
All volunteers working with students in the school or on field trips must read an overview of MD State Law and HCPSS Policy 1030 regarding Child Abuse and Neglect.  To fulfill the Child Abuse and Neglect Training and Confidentiality Training Course requirement for 
volunteers, please go to: 

Sometimes Lunch Hall Monitors are asked to sell tickets to dances, etc. during lunch.   The hope is that the committees in charge of each of these events will send an extra person to help, but sometimes they don't.   The front office should have the materials/money/tickets, arranged by the person in charge of that specific event, for the events and you'll just pick that up when you get the lunch monitor box.  An effort will be made to try to put the information in the weekly email so you'll have a heads up.


1.  First shift monitors need to arrive a few minutes before your shift.  Go to the front office, sign in, and pick up the hall monitor box.  
  WHERE'S THE BOX?   Go in the visitor door to the office.  Keep right, keep right again.  In the alcove across from Mrs. Emery’s desk, on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, is a clear box with a blue lid.   Ask Mrs. Emery or Mrs. Antico if you need help.

2.  Go to the table outside the cafeteria.

3.  Set out the 2 clipboards (one for restroom sign-ins and one for "other parts of the building" sign-ins), a couple pencils, and the clock.  Kids should sign their FIRST and LAST names and the TIME IN they go into the restroom (or ask to go to the office or nurse).   When they come back, they put the TIME OUT on the paper.

4.  ONLY ALLOW 4 KIDS IN EACH RESTROOM AT A TIME.  There are 4 stalls, so 4 kids.  If kids are making a lot of noise, or taking a long time, you may go to the door and remind them that "others are waiting" or ask if everything is ok.   You may enter the same-sex-as-you restroom if things seem out of hand or if you have kids waiting and the first 4 are taking way too long.   

5.  CELL PHONEs are now ok to be used at lunch and recess, just no taking pictures/videos.

6.  Kids may go to the office or nurse, if they ask and sign the "other parts of the building" sheet.  If they are returning to the cafeteria, give them a Hall Pass.  

7.  Kids may go to a teacher only if they have a signed note from that teacher saying that they were supposed to come see them at lunch.  Again have them sign the "other parts of the building" sheet.   If the student insists that "miss smith" told her to come by at lunch, but the student has no note, then tell the student to go talk to Ms. Hess in the cafeteria.

8.  Kids may go to their lockers ONLY if they forgot their lunch.  They may not go to their lockers at lunch time to get a jacket or phone or papers.   We do allow girls to go to their lockers (alone) if they say they need personal hygiene products.  In addition to signing out, give the student a Hall Pass and remind her to return the pass to you.

9.  Some kids will have MEDIA PASSES, so they can go to the media center instead of outside at the end of lunch;  they do not need to sign anything as they have signed out the pass.   

10.  At 11:30 (11:15 on Wednesdays), the 2nd shift person should arrive and take over.   You may sign out in the front office and go home.   If the 2nd shift person does not arrive in a timely fashion, and you need to leave,  take the hall monitor materials back to the front office and let them know that there is not a monitor out there - that way the staff in the lunch room will know to keep an eye on who is leaving the cafeteria.

11.  The 2nd shift monitor should arrive at or before 11:30 (11:15 on Wednesdays), sign in at the front office, and proceed to the table outside the cafeteria.   Then just follow all the above directions until 8th grade lunch is over.  Take the lunch monitor materials back to the front office.  (see above "where's the box?" ) 

Thanks for helping to keep lunch time more organized! 

Questions? Contact Lynda Robey at or


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