Mount View Middle School

Hospitality for Homewood!
March 20, 2014


Dear Volunteers, 
Thank you for all your support to make this event possible! The staff was very appreciative and they thoroughly enjoyed their lunch.   The delight and gratitude was very evident on the faces of every staff member.  Please know that you were very instrumental in making this event happen with such success--we hope to continue this joint effort with MVMS, WES, and MWES in the future.    Pictures are below!


The Homewood School, a part of HCPSS, is designed to meet the specific needs of individual students 
who have difficulty functioning in traditional classroom settings.  Since they do not have a PTA of their
own, four local schools are coming together to show appreciation and support for the dedicated and hardworking
staff at Homewood.  Those schools are:
  • Mount View Middle School
  • Manor Woods Elementary School
  • Waverly Elementary School
  • West Friendship Elementary School
A representative from each school has already come together as a group and created a menu for a luncheon to
be served on 
Thursday, March 20th.  This was a great opportunity for our cluster schools to come together in a joint effort to acknowledge a staff committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for their students. 

 Hospitality for Homewood March 20, 2014


 Hospitality for Homewood March 28, 2013

Hospitality for Homewood March 30, 2012 

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 A word of thanks from Homewood:

WOW!!  Words really cannot capture how blown away our faculty and staff was by your awesome display of hospitality and love.  The Pre-Spring Break Luncheon you planned and served was a wonderful start to a much-deserved break.  We appreciate your meticulous planning, the logistics of receiving donations from so many different western Howard County families, transportation, set up, decoration, and clean up which took most of your busy Friday.  Sometimes our staff feels stressed and forgotten by the community, but your generosity affirms that our county comprehensive schools recognize our efforts and appreciate the hard work we do each day.  Each one of you and your PTAs have given us such a kindness and we hope you have a lovely Spring Break.  Thank you!

Suzanne McMurtray
ARL Liaison Teacher
PBIS Coach
Homewood School

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