Mount View Middle School

Gift of Thanks

2010 - 2011

"Oh my!  Another mug... Just when I thought I couldn't have enough."

This year, give MVMS staff members a gift they will really appreciate this holiday season.
As mentioned earlier, MVMS PTA has kicked off the extension to the gift card program called,
the "
Gift of Thanks." This program provides an easy and economical way to express your
gratitude to our teachers and staff members who do so much for our children throughout the year.

All you have to do is:
1) Fill out the staff form indicating an amount you would like to give on the Staff Listing form.
2) Write out a check for the total amount (made payable to MAGCC).
3) Return the form to school by  November 29th.

Staff members will then receive an individual gift certificate listing the names of all the families
that made a contribution to them (amounts are not revealed) . They will also be given an 
order form 
with a list of several retailers in which they choose the gift cards they want.  It is the same
order form
you received on October 29th.

Staff members REALLY love this program!  As an added bonus, the PTA also earns a percentage
for every dollar you spend.  How does that happen?  Our PTA is a non-profit organization and we receive
the cards at a discount.  The PTA will receive the discount as revenue.
To ensure staff members can receive their gift cards before the Winter Break, all forms must be turned in 
by November 29th.  
This is a FIRM deadline.  Questions?  Contact Theresa Yodzis, 410.531.4929.

Thank you for considering this program and for supporting the PTA along with the MVMS Staff Members.

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