Mount View Middle School PTA

Fundraising 2017 - 2018

 Fall Fundraiser for 2017-2018  

MVMS PTA is proud to announce our fall fundraiser! We will be offering a catalog from Great American. This catalog offers a great variety of products including magazines, Virginia Diner Peanuts, gift-wrap,  sweets, small gifts, jewelry, and more! There are even items that serve a philanthropic cause. Whatever you choose to purchase, our PTA will keep 40% of the revenue from those purchases.

Please click here to get started! more information forthcoming!

Please contact the Fundraising Chair: 
Nalini Munnangi at

 "Hassle-Free" Donations Fundraising Program 

The MVMS PTA is pleased to offer a tax-deductible option to take the hassle out of fundraising. 
A "Hassle-Free" donation to the PTA is a great choice for those who are too busy or unable
to participate
in the other fundraisers we will 
be offering throughout the school year.
Hassle-Free donations are accepted any time throughout the school year.


 Electronic Fundraising 

Electronic fundraising allows us register with our grocery stores (and other stores), so that they make donations to our children's school. Every time you shop at these participating stores,  the PTA will automatically earn money to support school activities.  Click HERE to get started!


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