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Because hunger doesn’t take the weekend off
Some children in our area only get a full meal when they are in school.
You can help.

Once a month during the academic year, food-filled backpacks are provided to children currently enrolled in Howard County’s Head Start program.  Approximately 250 of the children participating in the program are at or below the poverty line (defined as $23,000 or less annual income, as of September 2013) and, consequently, are considered “food insecure.” Although provided meals during their school day, these children are often left hungry on the weekends.  With the help of this program, Backpack Buddies, the children are provided with backpacks containing food.  These backpacks provide them (and their families) with some nutritional sustenance for the weekend.

YOU CAN HELP in one of TWO ways: 
1) by making a donation from the following food list during your child’s assigned date. Please look below to see which date your child’s Falcon Time Class has been requested to make a donation.  We will send reminders!  
2) We need parent volunteers to assist with the monthly drop-offs!  Responsibilities include picking up food from MVMS, dividing food donations into bags and dropping it off at the Ellicott City Center located at:

8510 High Ridge Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Please click here to sign-up!

Volunteer Information Sheet

 All food should be NON-PERSIHABLE and NUT FREE and NO GLASS JARS!

List of Foods:

(Please  - no more Ramen noodles, thank you.)

  • Tuna (canned)
  • Pasta/rice
  • Pasta sauce (canned or plastic jars - NO GLASS jars)
  • Cereal (hot and cold) - prefer oatmeal (individual serving size)
  • Fruit cups (in real fruit juice)/Applesauce - (individual serving size)
  • Canned fruit & vegetables
  • Microwaveable meals, non-refrigerated (ex. Mac n' cheese - prefer individual serving size)
  • Canned soups (prefer chicken noodle soup)
  • Crackers, cookies, goldfish (individual serving size)
  • Juice boxes
  • Jello/non-refrigerated pudding cups

  • Canned Chili/Beef Stew 
  • Canned beans
  • Granola, fruit bars, yogurt cereal bars, fruit-filled cereal bars
  • Dried fruit, raisins, fruit chews (individual serving size)
  • Shelf stable milk (plain or chocolate - i.e. rice milk, soy milk, Parmalat- individual serving size)
  • Canned Pasta Meals (such as Chef Boyardee)

 *Collections boxes will be located in Falcon Time classrooms during the week of their assigned collection. 

Questions? Contact:
Pascale Fagerstrom at
Theresa Yodzis at 410.531.4929 or
Nicole Parson at 410.313.5545 or

According to No Kid Hungry "....On November 1, life will get even harder for hungry kids in America. Every person on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) in the country — including 23 million kids — will see a cut in their benefits. The average family of four will lose $36 a month which equates to a loss of more than 20 fewer meals per month per family...."

Collection Dates for Falcon time Backpack Buddies:

Winning class depicted in pink!

SEP 17

Remmel, Ammann, Mastria, Strickler

OCT 15

Randhawa, Bassolino, Palatella

NOV 12

Sorenson, Otto, Yetter

DEC 10

Brennan, Dubbs, Brady, Lagreca

JAN 21

DeLitto, Corbin, Ford, Sharbaugh

FEB 25

Kann, Bollard, Grabau, Kapustin

MAR 17

Merza, Cutsail, Lewis, Klingler

APR 21

Chao, Gavazzi, Jennifer, Marble


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